And just like that

Thank you for waiting so patiently for this post. We know it has been MONTHS of silence on our end. We have had many ups and downs throughout the adoption journey, but this part- waiting to match with our daughter has seemed the hardest to share about . Months go by and no news, while each day our hearts would swell in anticipation of the morning to come with a potential email that seemed to never come. But today, we write victoriously because we have a daughter!

We have now seen her perfect, sweet, and beautiful face. We have heard her delicate, soft, little voice.

It’s the simple things, like, how our phones now auto-correct to her name. Now,  we leave the door open to her room and can call it more than just "our guest room". Her name can finally be added to her 'made with love' quilt and complete the last square.

There are still months ahead of us of paperwork to complete, including her Canadian Citizenship (extra prayer for this please as it can really slow down the process). But, this right now, is the biggest step before court and her officially becoming a McIntyre.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support as we stumble our way to becoming parents.

Our timeline: We don't know how long it will take to complete these next steps, but we are praying for a summer trip to India.

Today we got notified we got NOC (No Objection Certificate). Which means India does not object us becoming a family of 3.

Our next steps are:

Receive a court date -- Pass Court (we are not required to attend) and wait for written orders from the judge--- Her orphanage will apply for her Indian passport ---We request Canadian citizenship, and wait for approval ---Travel --- Meet the most adorable girl in the whole wide world and call her ours!