So Far to Find You

It is hard to believe that we have been on this adoption journey for 10 whole months! WOW! Its been Paperwork, and Waiting, and more Paperwork and more Waiting. Keep reading. We have some BIG updates to share!

In the last nine months, we have witnessed the most beautiful, comforting love of Jesus through the hearts of others who have come in to our lives and joined us and continue to walk this adoption with us. Each one of you have prayerfully supported us financially, emotionally, and just been there to listen to me (Sarah) yammer on about how I can’t wait to be this little girls mom.

In June we applied for an Adoption Grant through ABBA Canada, one of only a few (I think only 2) grants for adoptions in Canada. We got the call this week that we will be granted $3500.00 toward the costs of our adoption to bring home our daughter! When we heard the news we couldn’t help but stop everything, and praise Jesus. For we truly believe that none of this would be possible without his provision, guidance, and wisdom and ultimately for choosing adoption for our family.

That brings our total to $7500.00 to go! 

In November our number to reach was: $37,000.00

That means that in 9 months, God has provided a total of $29,500 for this adoption

God moves mountains, and I believe He will do it again!

And guess what, HE did! We received our approval letter from the Ontario government too! 

Our next steps are:

-       Compile our dossier to be notarized by our agency (end of August/Early September)

-       Agency uploads our file to CARA website (India government website) - roughly a 4 week wait

-       CARA reviews our profile/India government approval

-       Match with our daughter and accept her proposal

-       Her orphanage will apply for a No Objection Certificate saying they do not contest the match

-       Court Date and Travel!


Please continue to pray us along. We feel your prayers as this brings us such peace through the process.