Family is everything

Financial Update: Thank you to all that have supported us throughout this adoption. In the last month we have gone from needing 18,628 to 14,870 to complete the adoption! Truly amazing! You have brought us $3757.00 closer to our daughter!

Family is Everything

This weekend our extended family grew as we welcomed Madison Emery McIntyre to the family. She is a beautiful bundle of joy. What an absolute gift life is. We are in awe of our creator as we see His beauty all over her.

Proud Auntie and Uncle over here!

Proud Auntie and Uncle over here!

As we look ahead to being parents of our own, friends and family have asked us, why and what needs we have presented ourselves open to. Some of these tend to bring about questions of why, or how will we manage if our child has this or that special need?

What I can tell you is this,

Psalms 139:13 says,

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."

It gives us great comfort to know that our child was knit together in her mothers womb, and her inmost being was created. Her life has meaning, and her life has value to our King and creator. And because of that, no matter her special need or not, her life has value to us.

She may not be created in MY womb, but she is every bit our daughter.  How we have looked at it is this: we don't get to choose who our child will be, none of us do -  and that's the beauty in it. That's the mystery that makes Him so amazing. He makes a way for what He sees as good and right. We are just a part of his spectacular masterpiece.

Family is a truly beautiful thing.  Adoption = Love -  Love = Family