Jesus loves me

Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so.

Jesus loves me.  

Jesus loves me.

Jesus loves me.

It’s this simple statement, Jesus loves me that caught me completely off guard and had me weeping this week. This month I have been hiding my heart from God and His love began to unravel.  It’s like I had forgotten that He is walking this journey with us.

This was our first real month of waiting as we waited for our home study to come back from our adoption practitioner so that we can review it and send it to our agency. They will then approve it and send it to the Ontario Ministry for approval.

We expected to have our home study back from our practitioner two weeks ago. I had it all planned out. In my plan, today we would be sending our final home study to the agency. That would give us 5 full months for all of our approvals to roll in and for our paperwork to be sent to India in what is called a dossier. I am disappointed that things aren’t going as planned and feeling somewhat discouraged. It’s been a month of some unsettled feelings. Waiting, thinking about our daughter across the world, knowing that she is waiting for us. Why does adoption have to take so long? I know God has everything in his hands but day in and day out I find myself in a state of fear that we will be too late. I know its silly. But what if something happens to her and we are too late? Unreasonable, yep. Totally crazy, yep.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

That’s what I have to keep remembering. They might be great plans that I create in my head and believe that God should honor them, but in reality its His purpose that’s going to win.

Five months to go until we hope our paperwork will be on Indian soil. Please pray with us that we would have clarity, that we would have peace, and hope in the waiting.

See where we are at in the process HERE see how you can help HERE

Oh! And, we now have a cat. Her name is Masi she is cute, and cuddly, and 12 years old. I already picture her sleeping with our little one.