Where we are (Finances)

Recently we have been asked by a number of people about where we are financially with the adoption so we wanted to give a brief update.

Here is a breakdown of some of what goes into the costs of an adoption:

Home Study, PRIDE Parenting Course, Police Check, RCMP Check, and initial adoption agency fees. These accumulate to just over $9,000CAD.

We are so thankful to the family, friends, and people we may never meet, who have given to help us bring our daughter home. People have given generously to those initial funds. We are now looking at raising our next payment of just over $18,000 CAD. This will be due to the adoption agency in August when our dossier goes to India.


Guess what?! We are sending our homestudy to our agency THIS WEEK! We are so excited! They will be reviewing our homestudy and sending it off to the Ontario government for approval. YAY! One. Step. Closer.

Thank you so much for taking a minute to read this! We would love your feedback if you have any questions comments or have ideas for future fundraising! Please email us!

Parents in the making,

Lucas and Sarah