Dear Little One

Dear little one,

What you are doing right now...

I'm sitting here drinking tea, thinking about you. Pinterest is open and I'm mapping out your room. Etsy is live and I am tempted to purchase every beautiful, hand-made dress I see.  You are so loved,  little one.  Daddy and I dream of these things with excitement and anticipation.

Honestly, I have insecurities about providing for you. We can't give you Disney trips every year, or lavish things that kids dream of. And I catch myself…

It’s not easy to come before God and ask, am I enough?

Today, I finally quieted myself to listen for the voice of God, and ask Him for that answer.

I had an overwhelming sense of his presence saying, I am Provider.

He got me. He demolished every single fear with His affirmation. He is provider. He will provide all you will ever need. We need to not worry about tomorrow, because it is all in His mighty hands.

It is the same very truth he keeps reminding me of as we go through this process to come get you. He is Provider. He has always been provider and will always be our provider.

Night sky.jpg

 Little one,

May you sleep safely and soundly through the night,

May you be safe as you wake to the morning's light.

May you feel our love from so far away,

May it comfort you and protect you throughout each day.

We will pray for you little one, until our time of waiting is done.

We will pray that the Lord will keep you safe from harm,

until you, little one, the child in our hearts,

becomes the child in our arms.