Home Study: Part 1

We had a lot of unknowns going in to our first homestudy. It was a bit intimidating to be honest. Thank goodness we have Jesus and aren’t doing this alone! We tried to prepare ourselves as best we could. We met with an awesome couple that lives in Hamilton who have adopted internationally, and they gave us some confidence in navigating the whole situation. And we looked at blogs, although mostly American, but we were hopeful that the questions would be similar at best.

We cleaned the house, but tried not to over-clean because apparently you don’t want to pretend to be perfect. Good thing we know we aren’t perfect!

Our adoption practitioner came over to our house and we sat in the living room and talked for a good 2 hours. She actually lives around the corner from us and seemed to think we were good candidates to be parents.  Phew!

Here is what the homestudy has looked like for us:

Homestudy #1: Get to know us as a couple. Find out why we want to adopt

Homestudy #2: Make Lucas uncomfortable by asking about all things personal, emotional etc.

Homestudy #3: Sarah’s turn

Homestudy #4: Dig a bit deeper in to us as a couple and our intentions for making sure we have all our T's crossed and I's dotted for when we add a child to our family. 

Homestudy: #5: We review the final document before it is sent to our Adoption Agency for review!

On top of all that thinking, we have to do police checks, finger printing, and lots of other paperwork before the final home study rolls around.

Next week is our second last home study and although it is exciting to get the first hurdle completed, it has been such a positive experience for us.

I can see God stretching us and shaping us in to the parents our child needs. We have had the most honest conversations about what parenting a child from a traumatic past will look like (#theraputicparenting101), how our roles as husband and wife will grow, change, and adapt, and I can see so much how God is at work within our hearts. We are being transformed and it is beautiful. I look at my husband in awe, and am overwhelmed how much he already loves our little girl.

3 down 2 to go!