Here are a few ways you can come along on this journey with us


For Her

Please pray for our little one. That they would know love, and that they would have known healthy attachments. That they are safe, and well taken care of. That their heart is being prepared for a mommy and daddy.

For Us

Please pray for guidance and clarity for us as we go along this journey.  Pray for God to shape us in to the parents our little girl will need.

For Finances

Please pray that God will make every part of this adoption possible. Pray that money would never be an obstacle in bringing home our little one.


Here is the cool part, you can be a huge part in the process. Here is how you can help financially. (Please feel free to email us and ask us whats best!)

  1.       By Cheque

  2.      By e-Transfer

  3.      By Credit Card

Made out to: Lucas McIntyre or Sarah McIntyre re: adoption

Email to:


Get a hold of us!